SSC CGL Exam 30 August 2016 GK Questions Asked

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Hi Aspirants, today (30/08/2016) is the fourth day of the SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam 2016. Here we are sharing with you the exam analysis and questions of all shifts from today. This will be very useful for those having exam from 31st August 2016 to 11 September 2016. As you know from this year, SSC has shited to online exam and hence the only way to get the questions is from the candidates who attempted (from their memory). Bookmark this page and visit regularly as we keep updating as and when new questions are received. Happy Learning :)

SSC CGL Questions 30 August 2016

In case you attempted the exam, please share the questions below as comment.

Reasoning Section Review: Questions were from Number Series, Matrix, Alphabet Series, Picture Diagram, Analogy, Water Image etc. Questions were of easy level.

English Section Review: Idiom/phrases, Antonym & Synonym, Reading Comprehension, Error Detection, Sentence Improvement, Spelling Correction etc. Level is from Easy to Moderate.

GK Section Review: Moderate Level Questions from Current Affairs, History etc.

Aptitude Section Review: Bar Chart, Number Series, Trigonometry, Geometry, Percentage, Speed & Distance, Average, etc.

GK Questions Asked in SSC CGL Online Exam: (Morning) 1st Shift: 10.00AM to 11.15AM – 30 August 2016

1. Who won the Euro Cup 2016? - Portugal
2. Find Odd one? (Agra, Darjeeling, Shimla, ooty) - Agra
3. First viceroy who died in India? - Lord Mayo
4. When did french revolution begin? - 1789
5. United Nations established in which year? - 24 Oct 1945
6. Maximum thorium reserve is in which country? - India
7. Who is called the blade runner? - Oscar Pistorius
8. WEP full form? - Wired Equivalent Privacy
9. Vande Mataram song has been taken from which Book? - Anandamath
10. What is the full form of WEP? - Wired Equivalent Privacy
11. Which county allows human euthanasia? - Netherlands
12. Morphology of chromosome can be best observed in which stage of cell division? - Metaphase Stage
13. Which is called quicklime? - Cao (Calcium oxide)
14. Father of Abul Fazal? - Shail Mubarak
15. Unit of radioactivity? - Curie 

GK Questions from Second and Third Shift
1. Author of Meghdoot? – Kalidas
2. First woman president of Congress? - Annie Besant
3. Sharda Act related to? - Child Marriage
4. SEBI is? - Securities and Exchange Board of India 
5. Cleanest form of energy? - Wind energy
6. Council of ministers can be sacked by President on the recommendation of the? - Governor of a state
7. Birju Maharaj is related to? - Kathak dancer
8. First Buddhist council held at? - Rajgir
9. First Indian origin women go to space? - Kalpana Chawla 
10.Car while taking a turn experiences what kind of force? - Centripetal force
11. Vikram Shila University established by? - King Dharmapala
12. First, battle of Panipat fought between Babar & whom? - Ibrahim Lodi 
13. Best way to treat non – biodegradable waste? - Recycle 
14. Ozone layer protects earth from which rays? - Ultraviolet Rays
15. The partition of congress was done in which session? - 1967
16. If no atmosphere than what is the colour of the sky? - Black
17. Which country exited from European countries? - Britain
18. Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi got which prize together? - Nobel Peace Prize
19.  Device used in data link layer? - Bridges and switches.
20. Car while taking a turn experiences what kind of force? - Centripetal force
21. Which is radioactive element? - Uranium
22. Rhino speciality of which Indian National Park? - Kaziranga National Park
23. Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) submit his reports to whom? - President
24. Palk of strait separate which country? - India & Sri Lanka
25. Toughest natural substance? (wool, cotton, jute, silk) - Silk
26. Shiva Thapa is associated with which sports? - Boxing
27. Which hill connects eastern and western ghats? - Bilgiri Hills
28. Hydrochloric acid present in which digestive organ? - Stomach
29. Silver gets corroded due to presence of what in air? -
30. Constitutional remedies are what? - 
31. Scheme for poor women upliftment? -
32. Satavahana first king? - 
33. Residex related to? - Housing
34. Optical filter used for? - To attenuate or enhance an image
35. Superfast AC Train having barely signal? - 

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